Conforming To Zoning Laws

Both California residents and business owners will likely face real estate issues at one point or another. When building property, you must comply with the city’s zoning ordinances regarding what types of property may be constructed in specific areas of the city.

Our team of attorneys at Sack Rosendin Inc., provides experienced insight into land use and tough representation when a lawsuit is the best solution to a real estate issue. To succeed in your real estate venture, you must understand how to legally conform to zoning laws. We have advised clients for decades on these matters, and we consistently stay up-to-date on property laws in Oakland and its surrounding counties. We will work together to make your vision a success.

Litigating Land Use Issues

You may be confronted with land use issues that require litigation to resolve, such as trespassing or eminent domain actions. We can represent you on both sides of these cases: defending your property if an action is brought against you, or filing an action for others trespassing on your property.

Our lawyers have been in practice long enough to understand how real estate matters are litigated. We will always come fully prepared with a strategy built upon our experience and our anticipation of the direction the case will take.

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