Construction Zone Injury Defense

If your company is faced with the threat of litigation due to a construction zone injury on your property, it is important to take prompt legal action to learn about your rights and options. A personal injury claim against your company can have serious professional and financial consequences. At Sack Rosendin Inc., we defend construction companies and insurance companies who are faced with a lawsuit due to a construction site injury.

We are tough negotiators who will work hard to protect your interests in pre-trial stages. However, if the plaintiff refuses to negotiate in good and reasonable faith, we will apply our trial experience to seek the best possible outcome. Contact our Oakland law office to arrange a consultation to learn about your legal options.

Experience Matters When Defending Business Owners

Each of the attorneys on our team has more than 30 years of legal experience, as well as significant jury trial experience. When you choose our law firm to handle your case, you are not paying anyone to learn how to defend you. We have handled these cases many times before, and we are ready to do it again in an efficient and results-oriented manner.

Speak With An Attorney Today

If your company has been named as a defendant in a construction zone injury case, start your defense today by calling 510-270-5559 or filling out our online contact form. We will answer your questions and set up a consultation to discuss your case.