Construction Defects

San Francisco Construction Defects Lawyers

If you are facing construction defect litigation claims, it is imperative to consult with a skilled litigation lawyer in California. Our team at Sack Rosendin, LLP, has provided effective advocacy to contractors, developers, owners, tenants and subcontractors. We have advised builders and contractors throughout the bidding, negotiating, performance, change order, warranty and collection phases of many construction projects We know what steps to take in order to protect your interests.

Contact our construction litigation law firm to schedule an initial consultation. Our lawyers understand the substantive side of construction law and doing business as a contractor, enabling us to build you a credible case.

Contractor Liability Attorney

At Sack Rosendin, LLP, our skilled construction defect lawyers bring decades of experience to the table in order to help resolve all types of litigation concerns, including:

  • Defective windows and sealing
  • Defective interior and exterior doors
  • Leaking roofs
  • Water damage
  • Defective heaters or air conditioning
  • Issues with plumbing or electrical wiring
  • Foundation issues

You can rely on our experienced California litigation team to conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis of your claims. The plans we design for our clients focus on eliminating unnecessary expenses and saving our clients money at every corner.

Real World Construction Experience

Our construction defect claim disputes lawyers have an in-depth understanding of all sides of construction defect litigation. Every one of our attorneys has knowledge of construction issues from start to finish. Our more than 30 years of litigation experience with contractors has allowed us to resolve issues at every point in the construction phase, from design and building to construction orders.

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