7 cybersecurity tips for your small business

by | Aug 29, 2019 | Firm News

It seems as though the internet becomes more useful each day. Businesses use computer systems to purchase products online, collect data for marketing purposes, send email updates to clients regarding their order and much more.

Although the internet and computer systems are helpful tools for businesses, they can be dangerous too. A cybersecurity attack can happen to anyone.

Here are 7 tips that may help your business:

1. Educate your employees

Teach your employees the basics of cybersecurity. Your employees should understand the risks of computer programs and the importance of protecting business information.

2. Use security tools

Antivirus software and firewall protection may help your customers’ data safe. Performing regular browser updates and clearing your browser history may also protect data.

3. Make copies of important information

Save important information in more than one place. You can print hard copies or keep data on more than one device. It may be wise to have your data automatically save to the cloud or some other backup storage.

4. Have a secure Wi-Fi network

Simply make sure you set up a password for your Wi-Fi network. Don’t use the one on the router. Create a new, unique password that would be very difficult to guess.

5. Create secure passwords and protect them

Create new, secure passwords that would be difficult to guess. Do not use the same password for multiple systems.

6. Encrypt your information

Using virtual private networks (VPN) that encrypt your network information is very useful if your system does get hacked. The data that the hacker accesses will be encrypted data.

7. Be careful who you trust

Make sure each employee has their own username and password. Give them limited access to information. Don’t open links from people you don’t know. Be cautious when giving out information.

The last thing you want is a data breach. Businesses don’t fair well when customers feel betrayed. Protecting your clients’ data should be a top priority.