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For more than 30 years the civil litigation attorneys of Sack Rosendin, LLP, have been recognized for our exceptional representation of business owners, land developers, contractors, and individuals involved in business contract disputes and litigation. We are experienced trial attorneys, meaning you are not paying us to learn our job. We work closely with our clients to understand what strategies will truly be in our clients' best interests. We know that legal work is an expense that must protect your bottom line by being cost effective and the best cost-benefit decision.

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You can rely on our California litigation team to protect your rights regarding many areas, including:

Skilled Litigators and Negotiators

California is a mandatory alternative dispute resolution (ADR) state. We know that whether you are the plaintiff or a defendant in your litigation case, a negotiated settlement is most likely, and almost always in your best interest. By preparing our cases for summary judgment or trial, By preparing our cases for summary judgment or trial, we show opponents we are ready to go to trial and win. We are tough, intelligent negotiators with experience at the national litigation level. When a negotiated settlement isn't possible, we go to court to win.

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