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"Sack Rosendin, LLP, is a boutique business law firm that understands how business litigation and transaction law fits into the larger picture of your business' success. You can't be successful in business, if your legal decisions don't have a positive effect on your budget and bottom line."
Joanne Rosendin, managing partner

For more than 25 years, Sack Rosendin, LLP, has been providing exceptional, winning representation for business clients who find themselves entangled in contract disputes and litigation. We represent contractors, developers, corporate entities, and individuals who need to rely on experienced, effective representation that applies aggressive strategies to protect their interests. Whether your business has been named as a defendant in a dispute, or you are considering resolving a contract dispute by pressing suit against a supplier or customer, our strategies work. Our team of civil litigation trial attorneys offers more than 130 combined years of experience.

If your business is involved in a breach of contract dispute, contact the business litigation lawyers of Sack Rosendin, LLP to discuss your legal needs. We have earned recognition throughout the California business and legal communities for our effectiveness and commitment to protecting our clients' best business interests.

Business Contract Litigation, Plaintiff and Defense:

To discuss your business contract litigation legal needs, contact a business litigation attorney at Sack Rosendin, LLP. Let our experience work for you.

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