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If you are named in an asbestos or other toxic exposure case, you need quality legal representation by attorneys with significant asbestos and toxic tort defense experience.

Asbestos cases typically involve alleged exposure at many locations, spread out over many years, and naming as defendants multiple property owners, materials manufacturers, materials suppliers and installation companies. They may also name other contractors and companies that might have been at any of those locations anywhere near the same time. If you are named in an Asbestos case, you need experienced defense representation. Contact our California Asbestos litigation law firm.

Martinez Area Toxic Exposure Lawyer

Courts adopt special rules and procedures to manage toxic tort cases, and the lawyers on both sides develop protocols and customs for dealing with each other. In most states, there is a body of law that is almost unique to asbestos. At our Oakland, California, law firm, we understand the unwritten protocols and customs between local lawyers who see each other over and over in these cases. We know the law and can protect your interests.

Our San Francisco area lawyers prepare every case for a summary judgment motion. This allows us to resolve many cases without ever having to go to trial, saving our clients both time and money. If a case should go to trial, however, we are skilled courtroom litigators with years of experience defending our clients in front of a judge and jury.

Dedicated Asbestos Litigation Defense

We have represented insurance companies and businesses that have been faced with asbestos exposure claims for more than 20 years. When an individual or group makes an accusation that chemical exposure at work or in another location caused injury or illness, our law firm takes strong and aggressive action. We thoroughly analyze all documentation and evidence relating to the case, looking for other factors that may have contributed to or caused the illness.

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Learn more about our winning legal strategies. Contact the San Francisco Bay Area Asbestos defense lawyers of Sack Rosendin, LLP, to schedule an opportunity to meet with a member of our team. Let our success work for you.

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